Jorgensen Albums - Stylish Versatile and Chic / by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

Pro and Studio Collection Albums

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We use Jorgensen albums as our premium album supplier. The quality, attention to detail and pure craftmanship involved in the making of each album is astounding. The design is simple and can be customised in so many ways, all mats can be designed and cut from scratch and this is invaluable when you are working with clients to fit in as much as is possible. We do however, say that less is more in an album, let the photographs speak for themselves.

The album shots above are from an actual client wedding. They will get the album this week and I am sure that they will be delighted with the final product, just as all clients are who choose this supplier.

Jorgensen choose the photographers they wish to work with and in this regard I am delighted to be able to stock this fine product.

Studio Range - Affordable and Classic, Simple and Stylish