From the archives - a photo a week / by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography


D70 with 18-70.0 mm f/3.5-4.5 @ f3.5. 1/30, ISO 200 handheld.

Taken on the 21st April 2005 in the bookstore/gift shop of La Sagrada Familia, part of Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece and possibly Barcelona's most important landmark.

We were on holidays in this crazy city and took time out to take in the sights. This shot was the result of my brother posing next to the uplight under the diamond window. It was captured in a split second, no time to waste as the lights went off directly after.

I love the composition, the rule of thirds is critical in this shot along with the reflection in the floor. The point of focus (Chris) is positioned in the bottom RHS of the frame, an important consideration one should take into account when framing photographs for competitions.