Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.
— Diane Arbus

I am a professional photographer and artist. My philosophy is all about telling a story. I love seeing the detail and seizing the moment to record an intimate exchange. My speciality is capturing the emotion portrayed in a smile, quick glance or a fleeting situation. 

While photographing Weddings I aim to capture the excitement and happiness of the day. Intimate moments and little details can really tell the true story of each couples celebration. 

When shooting Portraits, a real passion of mine, it is important to capture the real essence of the person. I will spend as much time as necessary to get “the” shot.

On a Press/PR shoot time is critical. Its important to capture the idea and frame the shot often under serious time pressure. 

People fascinate me. Situations fascinate me. Placing both together provide the basis for a compositional explosion - all captured moments, both natural and staged are aimed at grabbing the viewer's attention at every glance.

I will tell your story through a series of beautiful photographs that you will treasure forever.

Why don’t you grab a quick coffee, have a look at my online gallery for weddingsportraits or press/pr and if you like what you see call me on 087 2861544 where I will be delighted to discuss any requirements you have in more detail with you.