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Jennifer and Scott's Intimate Spring Wedding at the National Gallery by Aidan Oliver Weldon

I was contacted by Jennifer early this year (February to be exact) to see if I was interested in photographing both herself and hubby to be Scott's wedding on the 31st March. I replied sending back relevant information, including links to real weddings and the next email I received was to see if I could be booked - always a pleasure to be booked so early and on the strength of images and a brief written response. Five weeks later Jennifer, Scott, Mum and Dad and Jennifer's two daughters arrived all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah and the stage was set for an intimate wedding in the National Gallery - a first for me to have photographed there so you can just imagine, I was very excited. 

As a photographer I get to see and photograph many old buildings and the National Gallery being a first, the Hone room in particular, overlooking the junction of Clare street, Lincoln Place and Leinster Street South, presented itself exactly as I would have envisaged a fashionable Georgian building of its time. 

The ceremony was conducted by Rev Ann Cannon an interfaith minister based in Dublin. This involved presenting gifts, hand binding, eating bread and some words - little rituals that help us connect, help us celebrate, help us understand. There were tears of joy, tears of remembrance.

We listened to a reading from John O'Donohue's 'Benedictus'. It went like this:

"As Spring Unfolds the dream of the earth,                                                                                                     May you bring each others hearts to birth.

As the ocean finds calm in view of land,
May you love the gaze of each other’s mind.

As the wind arises free and wild,
May nothing negative control your lives.

As kindly as moonlight might search the dark,
So gentle may you be when light grows scarce.

As surprised as the silence that music opens,
May your words for each other be touched with reverence.

As warmly as the air draws in the light,
May you welcome eah other’s every gift.

As elegant as dream absorbing the night,
May sleep find you clear of anger and hurt.

As twilight harvests all the day’s color,
May love bring you home to each other."

Once the ceremony was over we headed next door for a few photos on the modern balcony which had just been constructed. I have included a few photos of this part of the in this post - all in black and white, my favourite way to shoot. 

The wedding party then headed to Peploe's restaurant for something special.

Three months later this wedding still echoes in my mind as very special, a ceremony that will remain fresh in my thoughts for a long time to come.  


Minister: Rev Ann Cannon

Location: National Gallery of Ireland. Contact Sinead Leahy on: 01 6633512

Photographer: Aidan Oliver Photography

Reception: Peploe's Wine Bistro

Margaret and John's BELLINGHAM CASTLE WEDDING by Aidan Oliver Weldon

It was Jenny Phelan who initially recommended me as a photographer to Margaret and John (M & J) last year. I had photographed Jenny's wedding the year before - thank you Jenny!. Time sure does fly as a wedding photographer particularly when you relate weddings to years. 

I headed to Balbriggan for the morning bridal preparation photos and it was a fresh November morning with a promise of some sun in the late afternoon - fingers were crossed and batteries were charged. The morning flew as it always does not before Margaret received a beautiful gift of a watch from John. I captured the essence of this busy but calm morning before heading to St Peter and Paul's Church for the ceremony.. The 'congratulations' took place in the hallway of the Church as it was lashing rain and people hugged, shook hands then headed straight for their cars. Margaret was glad of her winter stole I can tell you, and I caught a tearful moment when she hugged a familiar person she knew - there is a story there alone. 

We headed on to Bellingham Castle for the afters, a nice spin up the M1 then take junction 15 off for Castlebellingham. Bellingham is a sister Castle of Cabra Castle and is owned by the Corscadden Family. If you are familiar with both castles then you will know that each castle has an Irish Wolfhound with a name synonymous to each, Bellingham's being Ferdia, Cabra is Oscar. Those dogs have the life indeed. M & J were greeted with champagne, an open fire to warm the bones and I did smell the perfume of mulled wine in the air. I left them there to say hello, thaw out and headed around the castle for a look, so see what was prepared and to capture the little things accordingly. I remember speaking to Patrick Corscadden later telling him that I had my debs in this very place in 1988 and I'll say it again, it looks every part a fantastic place to host the ideal wedding reception. So much space, character, nooks and crannies and the very best service which is key. Both Ciara and Patrick are at the coal face when it comes to setting good standards. I always judge a venue on how they look after the photographer, wouldn't I?. 

We did go outside for a few shots around the grounds, M & J did not mind the cold, and the nearby river Glyde set the stage nicely for some shots around the gardens. Johns uncle provided a great focal point for the bridal party to enjoy a laugh while on the bridge. The fire escape was also used for some off the beat photos - something different as they say. Back inside and I moved around capturing guests, their expressions, animation and the general happiness that encapsulates the archetype wedding. 

Two of my favourite photos of the day were 1) The portrait of Margaret under the arch, and 2) the photo of John with the lads surrounding him, just like a 21st Century (Anno Domino) Don Corleone. I captured the  speeches, left them all to it and headed back to Dublin with a big smile on my face. On the way out I noticed that the signing frame I had created for the couple had been filled out nicely - you just never know what a colourful comment might appear on such a frame, particularly by a character guest, a good few of whom were now sitting down enjoying the banter. 

I was delighted to send M & J the images of their wedding while they were away on honeymoon in Cape Town - they were very much thrilled. Margaret and John, I wish you the very best for your future together. 


Photography: Aidan Oliver

Videography: Edithouse films

Reception: Bellingham Castle

Jorgensen Albums - Stylish Versatile and Chic by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

Pro and Studio Collection Albums

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We use Jorgensen albums as our premium album supplier. The quality, attention to detail and pure craftmanship involved in the making of each album is astounding. The design is simple and can be customised in so many ways, all mats can be designed and cut from scratch and this is invaluable when you are working with clients to fit in as much as is possible. We do however, say that less is more in an album, let the photographs speak for themselves.

The album shots above are from an actual client wedding. They will get the album this week and I am sure that they will be delighted with the final product, just as all clients are who choose this supplier.

Jorgensen choose the photographers they wish to work with and in this regard I am delighted to be able to stock this fine product.

Studio Range - Affordable and Classic, Simple and Stylish