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Caitlin and Rod's One Year Anniversary Photo Shoot by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

It is always a sheer pleasure to photograph weddings, engagement shoots, etc, but it is rare to to be asked to photograph a one year anniversary!. In this regard we responded with pleasure to this request alongside the fact that we the couple were 1) flying over from Memphis, Tennessee, 2) we were only going to meet on the morning of the shoot, 3) they were only going to be in the city for a weekend and, 4) had the good old Irish weather to think about!. Enough to put the average person in a spin?, well no to be honest - a welcome challenge just as every photographic opportunity is given the multitude of items that can happen. What a beautiful morning it turned out to be, the sun shone brightly and with enough heat to photograph the lovely couple comfortably and for them to notice (being from Memphis) that it was actually warm!. As indicated, both Rod and Caitlin were really up for the shoot (It was meant as a surprise for Rod who was told just that morning...). We picked the couple up from the wonderful Clontarf Castle where they were staying, with the intention of photographing in St Annes Park, Raheny and then North Bull Island which is actually a nature reserve.

It is always fantastic to photograph in different areas and our favourite time is early in the morning (9am start for Rod and Caitlin) or late afternoon as the sun is less direct and harsh. We had some fun, tried out some different locations and had some great conversation along the way. We also thank Rod and Caitlin for being an amazing couple to photograph, so made for each other and for being so relaxed the day. One year on and we wish many more to go!.

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Rebecca and Aidan's Engagement Shoot plus Wedding Shoot by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

Rebecca and Aidan's recent engagement shoot and wedding took place within three days of each other as they both traveled from the UK to be married in Howth, Co Dublin, which by all accounts is a beautiful scenic part of County Dublin. The day we undertook the engagement shoot was the first day to meet the lovely couple but this did not stop us from having some fun during the shoot in a place unfamiliar to us all. We decided to photograph the engagement shoot on the fantastic grounds of the Deer Park Hotel and Golf Club, where the couple were staying prior to their wedding.The wedding ceremony itself took place in the Church of the Assumption in Howth. Afterwards the wedding party celebrated with a meal in the Aqua restaurant located on West Pier, Howth. The windy and showery weather was against us throughout but we manage to grab some photos in between the incliment weather.

Here is exactly what the bride sent to me as a testimonial: "We LOVE the photos! Thank you so so much. You have captured every moment perfectly for us and we are delighted with them. There are some fantastic ones too from the engagement shoot!. Thanks once again Aidan; you have made us very happy!!"

We wish Rebecca and Aidan the very best for their future together.

The Engagement:

The Wedding:

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Jaime and David's Engagement Shoot and Wedding by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

There has been a bit of a hiatus lately with our blog updates but we are delighted to have the time to continue with said updates and particularly a few weddings that have particularly stood out. Jaime and David's recent engagement shoot/wedding was no exception, both were captured within a month of each other (due to the increasingly inclement Irish weather). It was hoped that the engagement shoot be taken a tad earlier but such as life in these meteorologically erratic times.

It was a pleasure to work with both Jaime and David and you could see how close they are to each other and good together starting with the engagement shoot. It took the normal fifteen minutes to introduce both Jaime and David (it had been a year since we initially met) to the camera and after that, well, we had some simple fun doing some creative photography.

We have started with the couples engagement shoot first and then some wedding photos. The engagement or pre wedding shoot took place on Eastwall which is incidentially both David and my favourite place in the city to visit. It was also the place where I partook in the Spencer Tunick shoot in June 2008. This time I was the other side of the camera!. Jaime and David's Wedding took place in Castle Leslie which is simply an amazing wedding venue to photograph both inside and out.

Here is the exact quote from Jaime sent by text when she received her wedding images for review: "Hi Aidan, thanks again for such FAB pictures, we love them. We never expected them to be that good". We wish them the best for their future together.

Jaime & David's Pre Wedding Shoot

Jaime and David's Wedding in Castle Leslie (with a surprise congratulation blessing from Sir Jack Leslie - see second last photo)

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Vintage Theme Wedding Photography by aidanoliver photography by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

Chris and Emma Theme Wedding

Themed weddings are a rarity and Emma & Chris’s vintage wedding (1920‘s - 50‘s) earlier this year was an even rarer chance to photograph their wedding without the pressure of being the main photographer. My good friend German Collins had this great pleasure to undertake so we were left to wander around as a casual observer. The wedding venue was Cabra Castle in Kingscourt Co Cavan. Regarding fashion, well, we are talking, spats, trilby’s, zoot suits for the men, feather boa’s, empire waisted gowns and flapper outfits for the ladies - vintage fashion was clearly very evident for this fine wedding.

We stood and observed, armed with a Hasselblad 503CW and many rolls of Kodak T-MAX 400 film. A mix of both the CF 80mm and CF 50mm lens were used to capture the images as seen below. Available light was measured with the trusty Sekonic L-608 light meter. We did not use flash, just simple ambient light. All images were scanned in using Epson V750 PRO scanner and sepia toned for effect.

It was an amazing to go back to (relative) basics for this shoot, the aim being to capture as roughly and naturally as possible a flavour of Emma and Chris’s fab wedding day. Obviously, there were some “acting up” photos which we could not resist capturing.

You will also observe occasional out of focus or fuzzy movement in the odd photo which adds to the authenticity of the shoot, and the fact that we have included them in this blog means we had the freedom to do so with artistic licence and jurisprudence!. You can also see some more photos we captured with modern technology (the next day) here 

Thanks to Chris and Emma for letting us showcase our relaxed take on this brilliant wedding. We wish them the very best for their future together.

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