Corporate & Product Videos

Video adds SEO weight to your brand. It is proven. People will engage more with your service, product or brand when looking at a video clip. I put emotion into each video by selecting a suitable soundtrack, then a simple but effective edit which conveys a clear message via the brand, product, service or event.

It is also a message which can be passed on to friends or family as a Vimeo or YouTube link. 

Part of the whole process is to sit down, find out what exactly you need to convey to your audience, see where it needs to go, work out a deadline and and then we shoot, edit and produce a product that will speak volumes alongside having a high visual impact.

Types of Videos I Shoot:

  • Corporate Messaging/ Brand Description 
  • Vox Pop Interviews 
  • Team Interviews
  • Interiors & Architectural
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Product Videos Including Food 
  • Location Shoots
  • Description Videos

Here is a recent video that I shot and edited for WOW - Empowering and building confidence for women in Ireland. 

Give me a call on 087 2861544 or 01 4602617 to discuss your requirement. I would be delighted to have a chat and see where it takes us.