Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.
— Don McCullen

Family Info

Family and Life Style photography is one of my particular passions and I relish the chance and opportunity to do something different for each and every photo shoot. I capture relaxed and natural and earthy photographs of you & your family by putting you at ease as I know it can be challenging to be the other side of the lens. I make it fun for all concerned. So give us a call on 087 2861544 for a no obligation chat. We will advise and you will be pleasantly surprised!. 



Do you have a studio?

My studio is portable and most clients are delighted for me to be able to bring the studio to their homes. They feel relaxed in the confines of their own home.


What should I wear?

Keep it simple is the motto. Stripes polka dots and distracting patterns tend to lead the eye away from your face so try to avoid. 

Try to co-ordinate a look for a group photo or just wear what best represents you, what you feel comfortable in. Remember, the focus is on your expression so have a look in the mirror before you decide for definite what to wear. If in doubt give me a bell or drop me an email. 


What is the best time to photograph children?

When they are fed and in generally good form. 


How long does a studio session last?

Normally about 60 minutes. If we also do an outside shoot approximately 90 minutes is required. 


Do you photograph outside, e.g., in parks, nature, etc?

Yes, this option is very popular now and particularly for kids who are free to   roam around and see things in nature that inspires a smile, an interest and conversation. It is amazing the photos you can capture when nature provides a background.


How far do you travel?

I usually travel within the greater Dublin area but depending on your budget and wants I would be willing to travel further. 


Can I get a disc with all images?

Yes, you can purchase a disc with all high quality images of your family shoot for 400 euro. 


What type of printing/framing options do you have?

I offer a substantial range of framing options, from canvas to acrylic, fine art prints to float mounts and much much more. If you want it I most likely can do it. Ask me for my brochure and you will get a better idea of the infinite possibilities. I would be delighted to help you out with suggestions based on my vast experience.