st annes park

Caitlin and Rod's One Year Anniversary Photo Shoot by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

It is always a sheer pleasure to photograph weddings, engagement shoots, etc, but it is rare to to be asked to photograph a one year anniversary!. In this regard we responded with pleasure to this request alongside the fact that we the couple were 1) flying over from Memphis, Tennessee, 2) we were only going to meet on the morning of the shoot, 3) they were only going to be in the city for a weekend and, 4) had the good old Irish weather to think about!. Enough to put the average person in a spin?, well no to be honest - a welcome challenge just as every photographic opportunity is given the multitude of items that can happen. What a beautiful morning it turned out to be, the sun shone brightly and with enough heat to photograph the lovely couple comfortably and for them to notice (being from Memphis) that it was actually warm!. As indicated, both Rod and Caitlin were really up for the shoot (It was meant as a surprise for Rod who was told just that morning...). We picked the couple up from the wonderful Clontarf Castle where they were staying, with the intention of photographing in St Annes Park, Raheny and then North Bull Island which is actually a nature reserve.

It is always fantastic to photograph in different areas and our favourite time is early in the morning (9am start for Rod and Caitlin) or late afternoon as the sun is less direct and harsh. We had some fun, tried out some different locations and had some great conversation along the way. We also thank Rod and Caitlin for being an amazing couple to photograph, so made for each other and for being so relaxed the day. One year on and we wish many more to go!.

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Sarah and Billy Engagement Shoot – Lifestyle Photography by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography


More engagement shoots this summer and Sarah and Billy's July shoot was undertaken in the rain which was not ideal but we did our best to ensure that we covered as much of the shoot as possible in the shelter, ie, under tree cover, and also with the help of the trusty umbrella (a number of which I carry along for the inevitable Irish weather). The photoshoot was undertaken early morn in St Anne's Park in Raheny, a short stroll from the James Larkin coast road.  I was after shooting a wedding the day before in Kilkenny and we had decided that evening to go ahead pending Met Eireann's 'wet finger in the sky' forecast and all appeared well until a half an hour into the shoot and the the rain appeared!. So fiddlesticks and all the rest, we carried on, and to be honest it turned out well, Billy's wet dog adding some character to the shoot - he seemed to have delighted in the whole affair!. The shot taken which looks like a foggy background, was actual heavy misty rain and it is one of my favourites of the day as was a second shot of the railing taken with dripping rain.

Of particular interest was the rose garden which was part of St. Anne’s Park Rose Festival 2011 which was held a week later in St. Anne’s Park, Raheny on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July, 2011. The colors of the roses added a lively palette to the shoot, further enhanced by the diffused light of early morning.

Four hours later I was photographing Neil Delamere on the river Liffey for his new show "The Only Viking In The Village", which will be aired in a few months time - the weather could not have been more amiable. A busy but enjoyable two days of action packed photography.

We thank Sarah and Billy for being so easy to work with and we so look forward to photographing their wedding next year!.

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