Urban Portraits / by Aidan Oliver Weldon

When a client asks you to fulfill a portrait brief and the brief is a blank canvas, then you have a brush within which to paint with imagination, experience, passion and the rest of the ingredients which should define a photograph that exhibits character, emotion and individual expression. You do not always get this opportunity so the onus is on the photographer to attempt to use all the above to create something that is unique, a defining portrait that engages the viewer, ie, of course your client. Such was the photoshoot with Ugis which took place earlier this month. We engaged in conversation, which is the art of subject to subject communication in an attempt to break through the "client/photographer" wall, often experienced when time is critical to complete such a task. The photographer in most cases needs to listen, to empathise, understand and direct when all has been seemingly understood regarding the shoot specifics. Imagination is essential, experience critical, understanding is paramount and sympathy a must should you wish your subject to interact successfully and be relaxed during the shoot.

The title "Urban Portraits" is used to emphasize our need ability and want to interact in the environment, particularly when one has originated in a rural upbringing, thus we (I) am challenged to see differently.

Ugis was brilliant to work with, we had a laugh and I hope that the photographs show his real character and definition, from the variation of wide angle used to exaggerate perspective to the stark and close cropped head/shoulders shot. Ugis contacted me through the o2 treats program where I am offering a free callout fee to all who redeem this offer. You simply pay for fantastic artistic and emotional photography!. To redeem this offer click here.