Fun Weddings

Faith and Keith's Winter Wedding in the Heritage, Killenard by Aidan Oliver Weldon

It was a showy wintry day, the 19th of December 2015 when Faith and Keith were married last Christmas. Their chosen venue was the Heritage in Killenard, about an hours drive from my home in West Dublin and a fairly straight run out the M7. 

I had met the lovely couple for the first time at the start of 2015 when we discussed their wants, wishes and wedding day. I was also in the middle of a house extension/renovation so that is how I remember this meeting well. There were looking for a photographer to capture the day as it unfolded with minimum intrusion, they wanted someone dependable, somebody who knows their art, more importantly, they wanted to spend precious time with their guests. Faith and Keith were impressed and I was booked shortly after. We met again in November 2015 for a wee chat and to go through the day as it was planned. Along with the wedding day discussions we discussed sending over my public liability insurance to Valerie in the OPW (Office of Public Works) as it was decided to grab a few shots in the grounds of EMO Court, post ceremony. 

The 19th, December arrived and while it was blustery and wet nothing mattered behind the doors of Killenard. Bridal preparations were ongoing and the spirit was high. A Child of Prague statue sat on the balcony table outside, in the hope that the weather might break for some shots outside. A few shots were captured here and the ladies were very relaxed. I left them enjoy a glass of bubbly before heading over to St Pauls Church in EMO, a short jaunt up the road. I caught some umbrella rain shots as guests arrived, heads down and bee-lines made for the comfort of the pews. Faith arrived shortly after her bridesmaids and it was not long before I witnessed her very proud dad John hand his beautiful daughter over to a beaming Keith. A fitting tribute was made to Faith's mum who passed away some years back. The ceremony ran short of an hour and (from the balcony) I snapped a lovely shot of Faith walking down the isle while a familiar guest touches her shoulder in very moving and comforting gesture. 

The lads had just finished writing 'just married' on the Rover coupe before we headed over to EMO Court, tin cans and all. We grabbed a few shots on the steps of this neo-classic mansion but unfortunately it was too windy to do much else. The same wind literally took the umbrella from Keith's grasp numerous times and this brought peals of laughter from the bridal party. Few shots captured and back to the hotel we went, bridal party in the Bentley Continental and Faith/Keith in the Rover. 

Back in the hotel the celebrations started, the cinema was setup just next to to the bar area and people wandered in and out to catch a running slideshow of the couples lifestyle over the years. I headed into the function room to capture some photos of the tables and the detail. I loved the Readers Digest books that formed part of the overall theme, and which stood on each table -  Archers 'As The Crow Flies' being one of my favourite novels.

There was one shot that I had suggested earlier that morning to the couple and they were well up for it. As Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' had just been released a couple of days earlier, and having managed to borrow my fiancé's illuminated Star Wars umbrella, it was proposed that this would make a great photo opportunity. Well it did and you can see the results in the last few shots of the collection below.

It was not long before the dinner bell rang out and you could tell by the quick step into the function room that people were hungry. Faith and Keith appeared shortly, Grace was said and it was my cue to leave, well satisfied that I had covered the day as best I could. What a day, what a fabulous couple. I wish them the very best for their future together. On the way out I passed by the signing frame that was well filled in, filled in with the best wishes for them both. I smiled and headed home.


August Wedding Celebrations IN the Dean Hotel by Aidan Oliver Weldon

Think about getting married in Rotterdam, in Great St Lawrence Church - Grote of Sint- Laurenskerk, then the SS Rotterdam for a meal and celebrations. A couple of days later fly back to Ireland to have a celebration for the Irish, and then throw a christening into the mix while you are here?... well that it is exactly what Carl and Kim did in August just gone. Their little fellah Eoin was christened in Shankill earlier that day. 

I was asked to photograph the Irish celebrations part as I photographed Carls brothers (Micks) wedding a few years previously - which was a four day wedding and a magnificent one at that. The venue chosen was The Dean Hotel, Dublin's newest boutique hotel. If you have not been here so far well all I can say it that it is well worth a visit. The bridal suite was full of great music, books, and fabulous decor. Something to see around every corner and an ideal place to get ready for the ensuing party. Photographing the getting ready bit was wonderful, so much to capture, a lot to take in and process, quality problems for my good self as snapper!. I just love the B/W shot of Kim standing in the hallway of her room, right before she sprayed her hair. 

Room shots covered, we headed downstairs for a shot outside as I wanted to capture an image of them both through a passing Luas, to tie it all in with Harcourt Street and the Hotel.

Carl and Kim were well up for a little walk into Stephens Green for a couple of photos on the bridge, as Carl had noted the night before that a certain sliver of light passed through the trees around 19:15. It did bathe a streak of warm evening sunlight on the happy couple just as evening crowds ambled by with kids, shopping, life.

We then went back to the hotel for the celebrations, the dancing and some Dutch style selfies which I could not resist capturing. A little spin up to Sophies for a push on the swings and what about that captioned insect picture frame on the wall, done Irish style? - it was all there. What a thoroughly enjoyable wedding it was to photograph. I wish Carl, Kim and Eoin the very best for their future together.