August Wedding

Anita and Conor's August Wedding in Castle Durrow by Aidan Oliver Weldon

Anita and Conor were married in Durrow this August just gone. Anybody who is familiar with Durrow knows that not just is it a quaint little village with a wonderful castle right smack in the middle of its centre - but that it hosts equally wonderful creative Scarecrow Festival every year. I though it fitting to start and finish with a shot from this festivals entries as a tribute to what you see when you enter and leave. I also made a little trip to the Church as I normal like to get the lie of the land if it has been a while since I've been there last. 

Photographing the bridal preparations is made much easier when you have a large room with plenty of light and the natural backdrop of the castle gardens always provide great scenery to muse over, loose a minute or two. It was a very relaxed affair, and I even managed to nip over to Conor's room to grab a few photos of himself to tie all it in nicely. 

The lovely couple were married locally in Cullahill Church by the wonderful father Tom McGree who by all accounts was a lively priest for his 75 years of age. The ceremony was celebrated with smiles and genial laughter. A quick greet post ceremony and we all headed back to Durrow for an outside reception in the blistering sun. I love watching people, having a laugh, a joke and just generally interacting. We took some informal photos of the families and bridal party then headed in when called for the meal, through the garden pavilion and to the banqueting hall. 

Speaking of food, much of the castles organically grown produce is used for their weddings fare and the very same gardens are a joy to see in seasonal bloom, August being no different. Food is their speciality here so it is important to see everyone sat in time as it can be a long day. 

Grace was said and my day was done. I had a tasty bite to eat in the main bar and back off to Dublin I went, delighted and honoured to be able to have captured Anita and Conor's wedding. I wish them the very best for their future together.