Tanja and Julian Wedding / by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

I am finally getting around to putting some images of my more recent weddings online as it has been a busy period for the last few months. This particular wedding took place in April in a private venue and was a delight to photograph. I drove from Mayo to Dublin that morning and arrived at the venue for approximately 12:45 to capture the banquet hall as it was magnificently decorated.

Post wedding shoot I drove back to Mayo to partake in "part two" of my girlfriends brothers 50th Birthday celebrations. We do love our job here!.

I have included a few more personal photos of the day in this collection and will include some finer details of the banquet hall at a later stage.

Both Tanja and Julian were so relaxed and it made my job as photographer as easy task to undertake.

As I love B/W & Sepia imagery, my aim was to introduce a timeless feel into the overall shoot by keeping things simple. Oftentimes we are led by fads in photography that will only last a period of time and begin to look dated. Keep it simple and put real effort into the artistic composition of each photograph.

We wish Tanja and Julian the best for their new life together.