Art Takes Times Square 2012 - A Chance For Us To Participate And You To Also Win / by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

I am taking part in this 'Art Takes Times Square' exhibition of art which will be shown on large electronic billboards on New York City . Can you please click on the link here to take you this page and if you like my nine submitted images, click 'Collect Me' on the top of this link page. I would appreciate this greatly. Artist Wanted 2012

If I win I intend to give 30 percent of all winnings to my charity of choice, 'The Hope Foundation'.

The above are my photos which have been submitted so can you have a goo and decide. If you like them please click here, then click 'Collect Me' on top of this link page.

Artists Wanted 2012

More about this Exhibition

Over the past five years Artists Wanted has provided over $1.5 million in cash and awards to artists, photographers and designers like you. This summer Chashama and the Times Square Alliance is working with Artists Wanted to present artists from around the world in brilliant lights on a massive scale in one of the most iconic locations in the world. You are invited to participate in: Art Takes Times Square.

The judging system allows you to collect and follow artists you like. The artists you select have a better chance at winning the Grand Prize. The judge with the best collection will receive a $2,500 luxury stay in New York City and $2,500 cash.

Many thanks,