Irish Times front page photo by aidanoliver photography - Tuesday 11th October 2011 / by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography

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We made the Irish Times front page today with a photograph headline entitled: "Daylight robbery: European Commission subject of playful protest over bailout". Caption underneath read: Four demonstrators against the EU-IMF bailout encountering European Commission representative Nigel Nagarajan in Dublin yesterday. They are Cathal Ó Meara, Cian Ó Meara, Brian Sheehan and Tom Boland

The aim of this protest was to take the existing "Occupy Dame Street Protest" around the city in a peaceful and playful manner.

It was a real pleasure to have landed this shot in the front page of the countries leading paper and we think that no more needs to be said regarding its message. We also thank the Irish Times for printing this photo.

Press Release Information:

Four Guerilla style protesters from Fermoy take a day off work and come to Dublin to demonstrate their opinion against the flow of revenue and assets from the country due to our ongoing  commitment to honour private bank debts.

The four men joined the ‘ongoing’ protest on Sunday night, camping outside the Central Bank of Ireland.

“The use of taxpayers monies to repay failed private investment while public services are cut back is immoral and in our vision for change will be made illegal and punishable through criminal law”.The protest was undertaken in a tongue in cheek fashion, the bags of ‘SWAG’ and uniforms depicting the wholesale daylight robbery of a Sovereign nations wealth by private investment interests.

The protest took them to the Department of Finance on Upper Merrion Street, Dail Eireann on Kildare Street, Bank of Ireland, College Green and European Union House on Dawson Street.

Protesting were: Cathal O Meara, Cian O’ Meara, Brian Sheehan and Tom Boland. The four are in full time employment but took the day off to protest.

Nigel Nagarajan Notes:

Nigel Nagarajan - Head of Economic and Financial Affairs in the EU's Delegation to the USA and also (the EU Commission representative in Ireland). Mr Nagarajan, is working out of the commission’s office in Dublin.

Contact detail for Press and PR:  Cathal O’ Meara: 087 9202549