Autumn and the dying leaf, country and spirit / by Conor Palin-Stewart Photography


D300s with 18-200 G ED lens @150mm. f6.3  1/15, ISO 500.

The dying leaf is caught in the worm-thread plastic doormat.

It has been an extraordinarily warm Autumn so far, although the change in weather temperature has been noticeable both yesterday and today. The last big festival, Electric Picnic sees kids back to school and daylight reduced noticeably. SAD is upon some of us who are sensitive to life. Others keep their heads down and pray that winter will be mild.

Our nation has been bled dry by greed and avarice of a few, and a few more besides. The above leaf is trapped,  just as we are by our unnatural desires for more and more. We will get out or this mire through persistance, though it will brand deep current generations that actually believed the 'hype' that all was indeed good in the land of the new Celt. We need a change in thinking, remove ourselves from wanton possessions, money, material goods, etc, move towards thinking more about family, community and natural life. When we gather money as if it will heal us, it deprives others, it maims and isolates us from reality and soothes temporarily.

A disgraced taoiseach once assured us that we should remove ourselves from this life rather than talk down our economic woes, the teflon don, he is/was otherwise known as. The same animal (A european Chavez of sorts) sticks his head out of cabinet doors on TV now to make a living........we are not impressed.