Johnnie and Joanne's Dublin City Engagement Photo Shoot by Aidan Oliver Weldon

Johnnie and Joanne are getting married this August in the picturesque Kenmare, Co Kerry and I can't wait to photograph this wedding. I suggested an engagement photo shoot to them last October when we met up (most couples chose me at least a year before they get married) and straight off the bat we got on well which is half of any battle when couples decide on a photographer and vice versa. 

Cue eight months later and we have fixed a date for their engagement shoot. Normally I give two options, urban or rural and they decided on an urban shoot. I knew there was a lot going on down the North East Quays heading towards the 3Arena, so we picked the coffee shop (you know the one!) adjacent to the Gibson Hotel as a meeting point and a 7:30 start. Eye opener coffee's were a requisite to start. 

We headed on a loop around the block, starting off on Mayor Street, took a left at Guild Street, a right onto North Wall Quay and back to the 3Arena. A couple of kilometres of a walk but with plenty to see. I am delighted that the old unfinished Anglo building is now under construction as the New Central Bank. It was an eyesore and a testament to the most ridiculous legacy we have ever seen in this country, period. Some of the images we captured included people as it was early morning, and people were going to work, some with suitcases, which means they had travelled here for that purpose. The IFSC (Irish Financial Services Centre) is close by. We also nipped onto the MV Cill Airne for a shot or two on this working restaurant boat which really made the shoot special. 

Simply put we, had a bit of fun and it shows in the shots I captured. That is the main reason why I am chosen as a photographer - I make it easy for people, I know what my art is so I bring a bit of excitement to each shoot. 

Later that night I took the Luas (Dublin's tram system) in to see Hans Zimmer right back to the 3Arena where I witnessed a concert of epic proportions. A very satisfying day overall.

Roll on August, Johnnie and Joanne - we will have some fun!. 

Quilter Cheviot & the RHA 185th Annual Exhibition Pre-show by Aidan Oliver Weldon

Having photographed various Quilter Cheviot Investment Management events over the last couple of years I was invited along to capture the spirit of the latest Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) 185th Annual Exhibition for a pre-show viewing in the Gallagher Gallery, 15 Ely Place, D2 on the 21st May. 

From the 10th to the 11th April just over 1,000 artists left in their paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculpture into the RHA for review by 8 members of the Academy whose job it was to select 10% of this overall work for show. To quote Patrick T Murphy (RHA Director) "The 185th RHA Annual Exhibition is like its predecessors, a magnanimous act of inclusion".

Having seen the fantastic work which went on show I have decided to submit a piece for inclusion into the 186th RHA Annual Exhibition. More information can be found regarding submissions here. Wish me luck!. 

The images below were provided courtesy of Quilter Cheviot and the RHA. The first image shows Mick O'Dea PRHA (far left) chatting to Quilter Cheviot executives and Patrick T Murphy. 

Photography: Aidan Oliver

Location: RHA, Gallagher Gallery, 15 Ely Place, D2

Sponsor: Quilter Cheviot